Noh workshop

Inspiration of Noh what the world's most ancient performing arts has to offer for your own Japanese adventures

If one’s desire is to go somewhere exotic yet safe, unfathomable yet kind, transporting and honest, Tokyo would be the best destination. It’s one of the sleekest and the most futuristic cities in the world.
In a fast-changing world, people are vulnerable to lose themselves in the flow of time and its speed. The sense of time for oneself is becoming shorter and shorter, taking away people’s presence of mind.


When you need to escape the hustle-bustle, we offer our very own Noh workshop. This workshop will let you take a breath after a long life which has passed in a blink of an eye. The workshop is consisted of three parts: having a concept lecture, watching Noh actor’s performance and practicing Noh for yourself.
The concept lecture is based on the explanation of what ‘Noh’ basically is. It ranges from history of Noh to stage composition.
Second part will involve many of the real items (various costumes in different colors and seasons (SHOZOKU), props (OUGI) and unique mask (OMOTE). It also contains Noh actor’s story, which will help you to find your own viewpoint on Noh.

In the final part, you can actually experience performing Noh. You can not only learn traditional Japanese arts but also experience the real Noh performance with the items that are used on stage. Trying on the mask and playing will help you to understand the feelings of Noh actors. These experiences will let you take another step deep into the Japanese culture.

It's possible to take a photo with Kimono and costume.

Instructor - Keisuke Shiotsu

Noh has a history of over 700 years. Noh is what I inherited from my father and what he inherited from my grandfather. We warmly welcome all beginners and please do not hesitate to participate in our workshop. In the program, I would like to teach you from the introductory level, where you can learn how to perform and learn other important aspects such as breathing, posture and perspective. I hope the workshop will be a memorable experience and look forward to seeing you.


Nakano-ku,Tokyo and other various place in Japan

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About KEISUKE SHIOTSU Noh performance & communication for beginners(若者能)